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Hughes Investigation Services

Insurance Industry

Hughes Intelligence has specialized in servicing a large number of major insurance companies for the past six years, and have completed over 1,500 investigation and surveillance files. All surveillances are low profile, using the latest equipment and technology. Our clients receive identification photographs of the subject, residence and vehicles in the report body and videotape of the subject’s activities and mobility.

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Corporate Security & Loss Prevention

Hughes Intelligence is presently providing services in the corporate security and loss prevention areas, to a number of corporate clients, in the Greater Toronto and southwestern Ontario area. We have assisted them by designing external and internal security controls, using the latest technology, to prevent internal and external theft and inventory losses. Hughes Intelligence has also been involved in a number of harassment in the workplace investigations, obtaining critical evidence for our clients, to resolve the claim in a professional, legal manner, to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

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Legal Community

Hughes Intelligence is presently retained by a number of legal firms in our areas of service to provide them with our investigation and surveillance services. Our firm can assist legal firms, in analysis of disclosure evidence, to direct investigations, in areas critical to the case or lacking full investigation by the agencies involved in the laying of the charges. Hughes Intelligence provides Process Services with fast and accurate results.

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WSIB Claims

Like the Insurance Industry, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board claim is an area that is subject to abuse and fraud by employees. Corporate clients, municipal and government clients and small business have all had employees that abuse this employment iInsurance benefit, causing the company monetary loss in time, large surcharges, and safety ratings. 

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International Investigations

Hughes Intelligence has conducted a number of investigations, for insurance and corporate clients in other countries. Clients, on occasion, have subjects that are traveling abroad on holidays and are sometimes working and traveling on business. We have conducted surveillance on Canadian subjects traveling out of country, providing critical evidence to dispute their claim.

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Security & Special Services

Hughes Intelligence has many years of V.I.P. security and protection expertise. Our principal and asssociates have conducted the personal protection for Heads of State, Presidents and the Royal Family, and have been in charge of the management teams responsible for setting up security and protection for motorcades and special events. We have conducted security analysis for corporate clients to protect them from industrial intelligence, internal theft, and secured protection of files and documents. Upon receiving a request for security services, the Hughes Intelligence management team will meet with the client and, after reviewing all information, will set up a security protection protocol to meet their needs and budget. 

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