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Meet the Hughes Security Team

Mr. Barry Bentley

Mr. Bentley joined the firm after retiring from the Ontario Police Services. Barry has 25 years of police service, starting in Toronto. He is now located in Sarnia, Ontario.

Barry has been a qualified Collision Reconstructionist for over 12 years and has successfully completed and obtained diplomas in collision reconstruction, pedestrian reconstruction, commercial vehicle reconstruction and physics. He has investigated hundreds of serious injury and fatal collisions and has trained hundreds of Police Officers throughout Canada in Collision Investigation.

While employed by the Toronto Police Service he has conducted a numerous general investigations and is experienced in interviewing techniques, interviewing interrogation techniques, statement admissibility, major case management, and police supervision.

Barry has been qualified as an expert in court and provided evidence as a collision reconstructionist. Barry has been assigned as an acting Sergeant in charge of the Police Traffic Division, also as an acting Sergeant on a platoon level. Prior to his retirement he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Branch as a Detective to investigate violent crimes and sexual assaults. Barry has conducted surveillance throughout his years as a Police officer.

Steve Johnston
Security Manager

Mr. Johnston is the Security Manager of Hughes Intelligence with over 20 years of experience in the security industry. Steve has successfully managed security teams of all sizes throughout his years in the industry, leaving all event coordinators and establishments satisfied with the final outcome of the work performed, and leaving them to feel comfortable and at ease that security has been properly taken care of. Steve maintains his knowledge of the complex security industry trends, all current security changes, security issues and the newest security technology available.

Steve oversees the Hughes Intelligence security teams, in-house training for security, security development, and documentation and implementation of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines. He is responsible for conducting all site visits, where he oversees the everyday routines of our security personnel and he ensures that all policies and procedures are being followed through professionally, safely and in a timely manner. Steve's strong leadership skills are a key factor in the Hughes Intelligence physical security infrastructure, guaranteeing that our security personnel are effective and up to date.

Steve has strong analytical and problem solving skills in reviewing, evaluating and recommending changes and/or developing and implementing new security procedures as requirements and client needs change. He hires, trains and coordinates scheduling of all security personnel to best fit the client needs, and ensure our clients have the most secure environment at all times.

Paul Dow


Pauls current duties are leadership based within the fire school where he serves as the Program Coordinator / Professor in addition to training Hughes Intelligence clients.  His duties involve program evaluation, development and delivery. He is responsible for the maintenance of a safe working environment that is safe for students and personnel.  


· 1.5 years’ experience as a College Program Coordinator / Professor

· 1 year experience as a Fire Marshal Fire Protection Advisor

· 5 years’ experience as a Fire Marshal Fire Services Investigator

· 18 years’ experience as a Police Officer/Specialist

· 5+ years’ experience as a Volunteer Fire fighter / Training Officer    

· Scene Manager/ Investigative Lead in 135 major fire scene investigations as a Fire Marshal Investigator;

During his 18+ years of combined service with both Ontario Provincial Police and London Police Service he responded to several thousand emergency calls as a patrol constable, tactical officer, helicopter flight officer, bomb disposal technician/team leader, forensic specialist and clandestine drug laboratory specialist.

During his 6 years of service with the Office of the Fire Marshal he responded to complicated major fire/explosion scenes which required a very high level of technical expertise to investigate and manage.  He gained extensive experience in managing complex emergency scenes requiring the application of incident management principles.

He has experience in Heavy Weapons Training, Tactical Rescue Training, Police Sniper Training, Police Explosives Technician, Police Radiographer, High Angle Rescue Training, VIP Driving and Escort Training, Close Body Personal Protection Training, Search and Rescue Training, CPIC Operation, Direct Entry Computer Training, Police Surveillance video and still photography training.


Gerry Ouellette



Mr. Gerry Ouellette was employed by the city of Windsor as a police officer from 1976 to 2007. He has spent 18 years in the Patrol division working in both Uniform Patrol and plain clothes, 4 years in the traffic division, 4 years in the community services unit, where he was the VIP Co-ordinator for the city of Windsor and 5 years seconded to the Ontario Police College as an instructor to Police recruits from agencies throughout the province. Upon his retirement from the Police service in 2007, he remained at the Police College as a civilian instructor for the recruit-training program.

Mr Ouellette was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve for 10 years. During 1974/1975 he was on active duty in the Middle East along the Israeli/ Egyptian border, the Israeli/ Syrian border and the Israeli/ Lebanese border serving with the Canadian Army attached to the United Nations.


Mr Ouellette has been awarded the UNEF-II Medal, the UNDOF Medal, the Canadian Peace Keeping Medal, and the Police Exemplary Service Medal for 30 years service. Mr. Ouellette retired from the Canadian Armed Force Reserve with the rank of Sergeant.

The Province of Ontario has appointed Mr. Ouellette as a Breathalyser Technician for both the Breathalyser and the Intoxalyzer. He holds certificates for RADAR Operation as well as RADAR Operation Instructor, Collision Investigation, Collision analyst, and Collision Reconstruction. He has instructed Municipal, Provincial, Federal Police agencies and civilian throughout Canada. He has lectured at Grade schools, High Schools, Colleges and the University of Windsor.



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