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Bar/Liquor Licence Establishment Security

Hughes Intelligence offers licenced Security Personnel for all bar/liquor licence establishments. We pride ourselves on maintaining the safety of employees and patrons while they are within the premises, while protecting the establishment's liquor licence and overall operation. Our security enforces the liquor laws and entry laws of these establishments. We monitor establishments' occupancy to ensure it does not exceed the maximum legal capacity, we thoroughly inspect all identification of patrons to prevent underage individuals from drinking alcoholic beverages and/or accessing the premises, and most importantly, we ensure all employees and patrons are well taken care of. Our security does not only monitor the inside of these establishments, we also monitor the exterior to prevent any damage to property, ensure the level of noise is not excessive, ensure there are not any patrons drinking alcoholic beverages outside of the establishment or on the establishments' property (usually any alcohol the patron may have brought on their own before entering) and ensure there are not any threats to the employees, patrons and/or the property.

The establishment is held accountable for the liability and insurance of its security personnel, but with Hughes Intelligence we remove that cost and cover the liability and cost of training and equipment needs as the security provider. We have the manpower for all sized events, we train our security personnel to the government standards, our personnel are equipped with the proper tools and uniforms, our personnel are guaranteed to have valid Security Guard Licence and we guarantee absolute professionalism and cost effective rates.

Please contact Hughes Intelligence immediately if you are looking for security. We will set up a meeting to discuss your security needs and start protecting you and your establishment right away.

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