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Shuttle Services

Hughes Intelligence offers our Shuttle Services to all corporations, establishments and events, including those who hold a liquor licence in the Sarnia area.

We offer the opportunity to have a professional and trained individual drive our Hughes Intelligence Shuttle van from your establishment and/or event location to your customer's destination to ensure they are arriving to their destination safely. This will lower your Liability Insurance and prevent drinking and driving. These services will be offered to your customers at no charge to them, which will encourage them to take the Shuttle van instead of attempting to drive their own vehicle in an intoxicated state of mind. Post case law depicts that the courts have held the licensee to a higher standard in deciding whether it did enough to prevent the patron from driving. It is for this purpose that we offer a cost effective alternative of providing a Shuttle Service.

If you are interested in these services, we will set up a consultation to further discuss rates and times these services would be required and how they would best suit your establishment's or event's needs.

Barry Bentley, President of Hughes Intelligence, was formerly the Vice President and co-founder of the MADD chapter for Sarnia-Lambton. He was also involved with the Police Vehicle Operations Training and he holds extensive training in Collision Avoidance, Vehicle Operations, Skid Control, Evasive Techniques and much more.

Drunk Driving Statistics
  • Every year, about 17,000 drivers are convicted of Criminal Code of Canada offences (including impaired driving, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08, criminal negligence causing bodily harm or death, manslaughter, dangerous driving and failure to remain at the scene of a collision). It is estimated that approximately three quarters of those convictions are related to drinking and driving.
  • Impaired drivers are involved in thousands of traffic collisions every year.
  • Drunk driving accounts for almost 25% of all fatalities on Ontario's roads.
  • About 17,000 impaired driving incidents were reported by police in Ontario in 2005. In the same year, 174 people were killed and 3,852 were injured in motor vehicle collisions involving a driver who had been drinking.
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